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Jane Mitchell, Integrum

Organisation and Capability Development

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Jane Mitchell has over 15 years experience as a Leader, Talent Strategist, Coach, Organisation Development and Training professional in the Multinational sector in Ireland, Europe and the US. She has collaborated with business leaders to design, develop and implement the Talent Development agenda for over 3,500 employees in a growing business.

Jane’s approach from the outset is always focused on the impact of any development intervention on tangible business results. Her style is positively challenging, centered on creating clarity, developing opportunity and delivering on agreed outcomes.

Jane Mitchell CEO
Jane Mitchell CEO

Jane’s energy and passion is derived from working closely with her customers to deliver outstanding results. She facilitates organisations to discover and create a strong strategic vision, implementation plan, and metrics that inform and guide progress to targeted results. The connection on how this process can feed into the engagement of employees and enhance performance is her area of specialty and where she has demonstrated considerable success in her career to date.

Jane has a BSc (Hons) in Management from Trinity College Dublin, an MBS in Human Resource Management (University of Limerick), a Diploma in HRM (UCC) and Diploma in Coaching from the IMI along with certifications in MBTI, DISC, Gallup StrengthsFinder, EQI and Belbin Team Roles. She has won a number of awards for her work in-company: Best Graduate Training & Development Programme (Grad Ireland Awards 2014 & 2016)), Stryker GQO Awards People Development Gold 2016, and Student of Year 2007 (University of Limerick).

Executive Coaching

Leaders often focus a great deal of energy on the performance and development of their staff, leaving little time to enhance and build on their own skills.  We can all learn how to do things better and find new ways to improve ourselves, how we deal with staff and how we run our businesses.

Coaching provides the conditions for significant individual growth by creating an environment focused on what is most critical for our continual development.  Very simply, we create that environment where people can find the space to envision their ideal self, explore where they are at present and support them to realise their future goals and full potential.

Our qualified coaches have extensive experience of collaborating with leaders and individual contributors to:
  1. create clarity on career goals and individual purpose;
  2. uncover potential;
  3. navigate through challenging change; and
  4. develop tangible action plans for business results.

According to the ICF 2009, Senior Fortune 1000 executives reported an average increase of 53% in productivity levels and 22% increased bottom-line profitability after having used coaching to enhance their performance.

80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence

70+% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills

86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more.

Development Programmes

Our bespoke leadership development programmes are designed in collaboration with the client to deliver long term tangible business results.

Leadership Impact

Each and every leader in your organisation has a significant impact on how well your teams perform. The research tells us that the Manager alone accounts for 70% of the variance in team engagement (Gallup 2018) and therefore team performance.   

 We can support you to enable your leaders by helping them to:

  • understand the role of the leader;
  • increase their level of self-awareness and the impact of leadership style;
  • utilise the principles of motivation and engagement to tap into discretionary effort;
  • connect organisation purpose to individual mission and goals; and
  • lead team performance remotely.

Whether your business needs to focus on more effective performance management from front line leaders or on driving a stronger culture of engagement from the top team throughout the organisation, we can work with you to create a programme that meets the needs of you and your business.


The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.

John Maxwell

Organisation and
Capability Development

No matter what your business is about, one of the key ways to make sure it remains robust and capable of delivering well into the future is to invest in one of your key resources, your People.

After all, why put effort into developing a first class strategy without evaluating whether you have people with the skills to deliver it?

All good business strategies should link to a comprehensive People Strategy ensuring that your team have the capabilities, skills and expertise your organisation needs to be successful. This might mean training your current staff, planning ahead for future staffing requirements or buying in talent so that all your needs are covered.

With a good people strategy in place, your business is best placed to evolve in line with your needs.

Integrum’s Organisation and Capability Development programme will help you set up a structure to interpret your capability needs and support HR and Management coordinate the best options for staffing.  We will look at how to effectively monitor and manage performance so you get the best out of your people and they get the support from the organisation so they feel motivated and engaged.

This programme is designed to give your business foresight so you’re not just a success today, but well into the future.

” Coming together is a beginning;

keeping together is progress;

working together is success. “

Henry Ford

Team Development

Exceptional business results are rarely delivered by individuals working alone; the best results are by working together as part of a team. A 2019 ADP Research Institute survey showed that working with a team isn’t just more motivating than working alone, but actually delivers twice the level of engagement. And where engagement increases, so does productivity, performance and business results.

The Covid 19 pandemic has thrown up opportunities to creatively coordinate teamwork in the absence of traditional working arrangements. With the knowledge that many workers may have felt less connected to their team during the pandemic, we have evolved our training to help teams get the best out of remote working and help build frameworks and blueprints for continuing to engage remotely.

We work with our clients to design virtual workshops that bring the team together, creating an environment where team members feel connected. Bringing people together, even virtually, and creating the space where teams can have fun, be vulnerable, develop trust and problem solve, is our speciality. It also has a significant impact on business results.

Our Team Development Workshops enable leaders to create an environment where effective team working delivers higher levels of performance. We work in collaboration with our clients to create a bespoke solution that works best for their business areas of focus by helping them to:

  • understand the characteristics and behaviours of High Performing Teams and how to create them for your team;
  • audit your team against a High Performing Team Model to identify and address gaps;
  • develop a clear Team Purpose to inspire and guide their strategy;
  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of each team member to develop accountability;
  • identifying the characteristics and behaviours of High Performing Teams; and
  • understand the wider organisation culture ‘eco system’ as a lever to sustain performance


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